Thursday, May 03, 2012

Our Catland Adventure

The Great Mountain

Told by: (Characters)

“Kitty” (Katherine) Elizabeth Meowie (Mia)           
Hanna Faith Meowie (Sadie)
Sealie Shelton Meowie (Mia)
“Lucky” (Lucille) May Meowie (Sadie)
“Amy” (Anastasia) Sarah Whuffer (Ella)
“Scurvie” (Scurvy) Bones Pirate-dog (Abe)
“Pup” (Pupfield) Crossbone Pirate-dog (Abe)

As we have settled into Melkpad, we have been playing “Catland” –the game which we often play with all of our stuffed animals. Ella, Abe and Sadie told this story from the view of their stuffed animals. Enjoy!

Part 1: By Amy Whuffer (or Ella, age 8)

We were all knitting and almost bored out of our minds until Pup came in, and then I had it. I ran to my cave, gathered some of my possessions, and ran out to some caves that Pup had found. The reason we lived in the caves was because of the Abe-land soldiers, who had driven us out of our homes. Kitty and the Meowies were already at the caves. At the caves I was next door to the Meowies. However, our hiding spot didn’t stay secret for long. Soon, Scurvie went out and the Abe-land soldiers saw him and so thy shot bullets into the caves. So, that is how we came here. Currently, we are getting bored again.

Part 2: By Scurvie Pirate-dog (or Abe, age 6)

This crazy adventure started when Kitty told us about the mountain. Then we were like “Hey!!!” and then Kitty told us that we could only climb it once in our lives. Then, we started climbing and soon, although everybody else were some slowpokes, we made it to the top. We met the mountain and he gave us whatever we wanted. I wished for a dagger that could change into any thing, Pup, my little brother, wished for a pond of Sprite and candy in our backyard, and Lucky, my best friend, wished to share a room with her older sister, Hanna. Hanna wished for a house for her family. Sealie wished for a Mac laptop so that he could become a blogger like Kitty, who wanted just to have her family (financially) safe. Lastly, we get to Amy. She wanted… I don’t know what! She got a piece of paper that said “yes.” Then we went down to the house that Hanna wished for to celebrate with a cup of milk, but then a terrible surprise happened.

Part 3: By Hanna Meowie (or Sadie, age 11)

Then, a white pillar started coming at me. “Perhaps it is just an airplane’s remnants.” I said to Lucky, trying to assure her and myself at the same time. However, the “airplane’s remnants” was starting to swirl, and it was starting to come closer to us.

Finally, it was Kitty who said, “It’s a tornado.” After that, we ran as fast as possible, trying to go inside. But Lucky fell, and the tornado, which was already gaining on us, gained even more when I stopped to help her.
All of a sudden, something hit me, and the last thing I knew was I was falling down.

All of us woke up around the same time, which was helpful because the pit which we had fallen in was rather small. Eventually, we got out of the pit, and to our surprise, we found that the tornado had apparently done more than make us fall: it had blown us furniture!
Conclusion: By Amy Whuffer (or Ella)

And that is how we became neighbors again with the Pirate-dogs and the Meowies. After an adventure like this, you can’t help but be proud of your friends, and I sure am!