Sunday, November 04, 2012

Abe Weekly

Abe Weekly

Notice: Most sections are written entirely and completely by Abe.

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Thursday, November 01, 2012


Yesterday, Ella got a blog. We had a wonderful time designing and helping her get started on it, but that left two primates with the ability to write left without a blog. Actually, it just left two members of the family total because Barnabas actually does have a blog and my dad has no urge whatsoever for one.

So Abe was the only person in the family without a blog that wanted one. He, like me, since the time he could write letters, scribbled stories down and made "books," since the time he could write at all made jaggedly lines that stood for something, and since the time he could talk took thick, heavy volumes off the shelf and pretended to read epic tales that he had written.

As soon as Ella had her blog, Abe wanted one too, and, of course, he couldn't get one and Sadie had a genius idea.

Sadie's idea, once prodded and poked a little, turned into the Abe Weekly newspaper which will involve  weather reports, Palm Springs Football games update (virtual football which my dad and Abe invented), Abeball game updates (Abe's imaginary version of football where he controls limitless games which he wins,) short stories, and much, much more! Also, it will be hosted here so be sure to look this Saturday for  Abe Weekly and be sure to visit Ella 's blog!