Friday, September 20, 2013

CHICKEN COOP! The Sneak Peak


The Almost Entirely True story about the Drama behind closed doors


Chapter One- Part One

The unnamed, as of the present moment, looked about him with wonderfully cute but malicious, beady eyes.  He was unnamed and unloved, but what cared he for love or names?  Love was nothing and names were simply tools that could be used to inject terror into the hearts of its hearers.  All he knew, in the moment, was that he was evil.  From his birth he was destined for evil, and he embraced his fate and cherished it.

The seconds and minutes passed, but they seemed hours to he that was still so young.  As the time ticked away, a thought bubbled from within him like the start of a fountain, getting bigger and more certain every second.  He was male.  Before that moment he had never really thought about gender, but as the fountain of sureness grew to the size of a geyser within him, he knew it with as much conviction as he knew that he was evil.  He was still growing so much inside, his little spirit still at the stage where it was growing in leaps and bounds, but he knew that the core of his soul was composed of two pillars: his masculinity, and his wickedness.  Those pillars would stand there, strong and steady, for as long as he lived.

Knowing now what it was to discover, he sat there hungrily, waiting in delicious suspense for his next flash of inspiration.  All of a sudden, he had it. It had flashed inside him like a lightning bolt, lighting up his inner being.  But once the quick burst of light ended, he felt cold and empty.  This realization wasn’t half as welcome as the other one had been. It made him feel insignificant and useless, like a worm.  Or rather something that eats worms, he thought bitterly.  And he had been sure that he had been destined for great evil.  His fluffy little wings dropped in sad despair.  For he was a chicken.

He tried to comfort himself.  No, you aren’t a chicken.  You are a chick, and I daresay that when you grow up you will be a very fine rooster.  But there was no help for it.  He was poultry, he was a farm animal, he was an eater of worms.  There wasn’t any point in living.  For, as living deli meat, he couldn’t do any real evil in the world.

Then, his third flash of genius came upon him.  It dawned upon him that being a fowl didn’t dictate his identity.  It didn’t matter who he was, where he came from, or even what he was.  As long as his heart was in the wrong place, he had unlimited potential.  The sagging head and fluffy wings were raised.   ray of purest sunlight seemed to fall upon the adorable little head, making the golden fluff shine like a creature from heaven.  He raised his beautiful little face to the light delighting in his potential.  Life once again was worth living.

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A Rainy Day

(Note to Readers: This was written on a rainy day but has nothing whatsoever to do with rainy days)
Dear Friends,

Unfortunately, yet again, I am started out a post along the lines of "I'm so sorry that I have't been posting! Please forgive me!" However, I decided to skip the start of the post, especially the lines which I just wrote, and so here is the middle of the post without the start.

(Note to Readers: I just confused myself as much as I did you.)

Anyway, life here in this rainy little country has continued in a blessedly normal , routine fashion. Sadie and I do endless school work, we eat food, we sleep, and we make almost daily trips to the yarn shop. It is good that some things in life don't change.

But note, dear readers, that I said our lives were back to normal, which meant of course that we had  a few surprises, some good, some bad.

The first of the said surprises was the illnesses which followed us like a large, evil cloud. Several weeks after we arrived in safety from America, my mom got food poisoning, Abe caught a stomach flu virus, and then I got it, Sadie got it, Ella got it, my Dad got it (on our birthday), and my mom briefly got it. That was definitely a surprise.

The other of the surprises was that we got a trampoline! The entire house was thrilled at its arrival, (Barnabas included) and we are standing on pins and needles in anticipation, waiting till we assemble it tomorrow.

On an entirely different note that you don't have to read about, it was my birthday last Sunday! As we did last year, Sadie and I made each others' cakes and a surprise birthday party that scared us out of our wits made it a very memorable birthday. One of the chief presents, curtesy of Mom and Dad, which I received, was a chair, which in my opinion is the best chair in the whole of the universe.

I could write, and index have written in my journal, sheets and sheets devoted to praising the glory of that chair- its graceful curves, its warm color, the way it molds to my back - but instead I shall just show you, and then you can post comments praising it too.

The other presents I got from my parents were skeins of yarn. I have been knitting secret items, so I have been going through a lot of yarn. For the sake of my pocket book, I asked for yarn for my birthday, and, you'll see why, Sadie and Dad didn't get everything on the list.

(Note to my dear readers: I am not selfish or greedy. Really. Or at least not very selfish or greedy. It's just that yarn is expensive.)

Mia’s Birthday List
(Regarding Yarn, Needles, and other oddments close to her heart)
*Note to Sadie and Dad (In British English): Items with an * in front of them are the closest to Mia’s heart and thus need to be in the foremost of the shopping list; items with a in front of them are still very close indeed and very dear to Mia’s heart but are slightly, (only slightly) less dear than the former, and items with a ° next to them are still important of an important nature to Mia, but are of the sort that Mia would be able to muster a greater grace in not receiving them than the previous. However, Mia, of course, is so entirely thankful to be getting gifts at all, that she would be delighted to receive anything. (A Pipos gift card would also not go amiss)

Note to Sadie and Dad (In American English): I want the most = *, I want quite badly = , I want = °

I.         ° 3 skeins of cream-colored “molly wol” ☐☐☐
II.         1 (large) skein of black, chunky, wool yarn  
III.         1 (large) skein of grey, chunky, wool yarn 
IV.         * 11 skeins of (matching) tweed-style chunky/bulky yarn: (matching my reading chair)
a.     3x 100g skeins in oatmeal-ish color ☐☐☐
b.     3x 100g skeins in blue-green☐☐☐
c.     3x 100g skeins in moss green☐☐☐
d.     2x 100g skeins in gray☐☐
V.         * 6 skeins of (matching) tweed-style chunky/bulky yarn: (matching the previous)
a.     1x 50g skeins in oatmeal-ish color
b.     2x 50g skeins in blue-green☐☐
c.     1x 50g skeins in moss green
d.     1x 50g skeins in gray
VI.         ° 5 skeins of warm brow molly wol ) ☐☐☐☐☐
VII.         ° 1 skein of Hema fine yarn for accent colors )
VIII.         4 skeins of worsted weight yarn
a.     2x cream☐☐
b.     2x royal blue☐☐
c.     4x self-cover buttons
d.     15in. square cushion pad
IX.         2x bulky blue Hema yarn ☐☐
X.         2x100g balls in white (worsted weight) ☐☐
XI.         1xAzure blue embroidery floss
XII.         Knitting Neddles etc,
a.     Size 4mm Knitting Needles (U.S Size 6)
b.     Size 2.25 mm Knitting Needles (U.S Size 1)
c.     Yarn Bobbins
d.     16 in. square cushion pad
e.     a 1.4 mm crochet hook (U.S size 9)
XIII.         Simple beads, preferably clear, white or yellow
XIV.         Gift card to Pipos (in addition to or instead of some of these things)
XV.         You can choose! I would love several skeins of fun yarn in several different weight and texture that match. Also, some plastic meshing (Sadie, I showed you yesterday) would be awesome.