Monday, January 20, 2014

Goals for 2014 (Amid my Rambling Thoughts)

1.     Be Less Lazy. When I posted this twenty days late, I knew that I had an issue.
2.     Eat No Gluten or Sugar.  Apparently, the root of all my “digestive issues” is Gluten, coupled with sugar, so everything worth eating is off limits to me.  Yay.  Today is our fifteenth day of “Rabbit Food.”
3.     Run Another Half Marathon. I lost a ton of ground because I am lazy, and so now I get to experience the training for a half marathon all over again, from the beginning! Yay!
4.     As for my fourth, and last, goal, it is quite important. Read no More Brain Candy Books. This includes 90% of what I read, and so this will be hard. Very Hard. On the bright side, I only intend to not read my babies until June fifteenth. 

So, as of today, I officially state this this is Day 1 of The Brain Candy Fast: Endured By Mia.  The Brain Candy Fast: Endured By Mia will be hard and painful.  In fact, it will be wrenching.  I will be suffering, so honor my sacrifice by spreading word of it and its nobility wherever you go.  That will be my only comfort.

On another note, I have been falling deeper and deeper in love with my bow as each day goes by, (Thank you, Bekah!) but I am in deep distress. The Netherlands is a petite country.  To give an example, our backyard is slightly bigger than an American bedroom. My bow is a wondrous weapon that could be used to kill many small furry creatures including fat puggles, so I am not allowed to shoot it in the house or outside in our backyard. However, nobody really enjoys watching me ruthlessly take down surprised pigeons, non-existent squirrels, and random dogs, so nobody goes with me to the field often so that I can shoot.

(Actually, truth be told, I have taken down no small furry animals. Namely squirrels, which don’t live in the Netherlands. Also rabbits. I haven’t shot any rabbits. Or dogs. Or pigeons. I’m working on being capable of hitting a side of a house right now. Then I’ll work on hitting inanimate targets. But it’s only a matter of time, squirrels…)

That’s all.