Monday, March 28, 2011

Highlights and Dowfalls of Palm Springs in March

  • There is a most deliciouss ice cream place in downtown Palm Springs!
  • The pool is perfect
  • The hottub is not too hot this year!
  • We havee aan upstairs condo with nobody below it! On with the noise!
  • There are Great Resturants!
  • My wee little burn is now all swolen and infected, thus I cannot go swimming for a day!
  •  The time change is most difficult.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Evil Evening

 I came home from school,
One ugly rainy day,
 It was cool,
(and I was no fool)
so I did not go out to play.

My mom called me
and Oh glee!
She let me make a cake!
I loved so, and Ho Ho!
It took so long to bake.

And while it it did bake,
Use of my time I did make,
I decided to watch TV,
But then, Woe is me!
Oh man! Oh Fern!
I got myself a big humungus burn!

Let us not go into details for they are gross,
And while in pain, my skin did roast,
But then still,
I could not take a pill,
For out of the oven the cake goes,
But my dear,at school you will hear,
Of my perrilous woes.

That is a long story short of how I got my painful burn of
which I am now suffering from. I would positively say
that tonight was an evil evening.

A Few Helpful Ways to Save a Plant From Death

  • Light Make sure your plant is in a good place for its amount of light needs. If it is a shade loving plant move into the shade and out of the sun. The same with the sun loving plants but switched.
  • Water Is your plant a desert plant that dies if it gets too much water? Is your plant a plant that die sif it gets too little water? These questions need to be answered for each palnt before you own them. I have killed many a plant by over watering just as my Mom had by too little. Pay close attention  to how much water is nessesary.
  • Soil Make sure your soil is the right kind for your plant. If nessesary give your plant plant food. Make sure that no diseases, bugs, or other bad things are afflicting your plant. I plan to write another article about how to test the richness of your soil.
Be sure to check all of these things for the answer to your plants death. A plant does not just die, there is always a reason, so I hope that I can help you find the answer, and farewell!

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Penguin

Watch out! Here I fly1
In the water not in the sky.
The jester of the artic seas,
You must get cold to answer my pleas.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Good family Movies

Our Family loves movies. The problem is how to find good movies. Here is a list of family movies.

-HACHI,A DOG'S TALE This movie is based on a true story. It is touching, family friendly, but it is so sad. I loved it. Every once in a while you'll find a good movie. make it two whiles and you'll find a great movie. But this movie, is incredible. It is not because of the scenes, not because of the casting(though it is pretty great) it is because that this movie is about a dog who has more loyalty to his master than most of us humans. it is about a dog who loved his master so much that (spoiler warning) he he waited his whole life for him not caring that his master had died.

-UP What makes Up so hilarious and fun to watch? I don't know. All I know is that pixar did it again.The action scenes are slightly more vivid and the characters are more unique. What else can I say about it other than it is a great movie?

-SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHER- Finally I get to write about my all time favorite movie! This movie is part musical part hilarious and all classic. With Howard Keel and Jane Powell, this family classic is the best! It takes place in a newly settled town when the oldest brother of seven backwoodsmen goes into town to try to "trade" for a wife. By his good looks he charms one woman into marrying him on the day they met simply "forgetting" to tell her that he had seven brothers. It goes uphill from there, when Milly, the wife starts "cleaning the boys up" My family is obsessed with this right now and I'm sure you will be to!