Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Evil Evening

 I came home from school,
One ugly rainy day,
 It was cool,
(and I was no fool)
so I did not go out to play.

My mom called me
and Oh glee!
She let me make a cake!
I loved so, and Ho Ho!
It took so long to bake.

And while it it did bake,
Use of my time I did make,
I decided to watch TV,
But then, Woe is me!
Oh man! Oh Fern!
I got myself a big humungus burn!

Let us not go into details for they are gross,
And while in pain, my skin did roast,
But then still,
I could not take a pill,
For out of the oven the cake goes,
But my dear,at school you will hear,
Of my perrilous woes.

That is a long story short of how I got my painful burn of
which I am now suffering from. I would positively say
that tonight was an evil evening.