Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Spring Hopeful Photo Shoot

For the longest time Sadie and I have been into doing photo shoots, or trying to. We have been planning to do a Spring photo shoot, and we decided to do it on Saturday, today. Our spirits weren't dampened by the snow fall, and we set off to get ready for the photo shoot.

It was a lot of work. We had to find color coordinated outfits, we had to wash our hair, I had to blow dry our hair, Sadie had to do our hair, etc. So, we locked ourselves in Sadie and my bedroom suite to get ready. Finally, after several hours, we were ready. It took spunk, bribing, and nearly freezing to do it, but we finally did!

I hope you enjoy the fruit of our labors!

I had so much fun (don't tell anyone) and I hope that maybe there will be another opportunity to do a photo shoot!

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