Sunday, July 14, 2013


Just for starters, you should know that I didn't mean to post about Barnabas, in fact I didn't mean to post at all. We are going back to America in (gasp) two days, and there were probably millions of other things that I should have been doing, but I saw a picture of Barnabas as an puppy, and I've been looking at pictures of him ever since.

It it hard to recognize our cute/fat/lovable puggle as the energetic little puppy of four years ago, but if you look deep into his warm, brown eyes, and if he licks his lips and looks from you, to the treat jar, and back, then you see that he hasn't changed (on the inside) that much.
This is Barnabas. the look of polite inquiry upon his face is owing to one of the first times he saw a camera.
Barnabas sits outside, very sad indeed. He is sad because it is the first time he has been outside all by himself, and he is getting lonely.

Here is Sadie holding her recently acquired puppy. Barnabas is ignoring her, as he becomes further acquainted with the new love of his life: the raw hide.  

Here is Barnabas sitting with great decorum, on Ella's dress. Ever since a puppy, Barnabas has had  to sit down on something soft (a carpet, a bed, someone's skirt, etc.) or else he remains standing.

Trucks are mysterious things.

The camera, which has been clicking constantly since his arrival, is starting to annoy Barnabas. It seems that something is always there to take him away from his rawhide. Whether it be the camera...

...or overly loving masters.

After eating and playing all day, everybody needs a rest, especially little puppies.

But Barnabas has never been the sort of dog to sleep the conventional way. He is an unorthodox dog.