Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Practical Advice for Spinners

Hello! We are back in the Netherlands! We are well, and moderately happy and our house, (thanks for 48 hours of hard work) is back to its the moderately-clean state that it was in a month ago. In the past month, many things have changed. The most important of the changes is my passion.

A month ago I was into sewing, but I then got into knitting, and shortly afterwards I got into spinning, a frenzy which I have never yet been in. Thanks to some very kind ladies in a small town near the boundary waters, I am now a spin-a-holic.

However, the road to tolerable-competency has been fraught with road blocks that I didn't see coming. But I journeyed on, and now I am delighted to pass on some practical advice to the large population of 12 year-olds that desire to learn how to spin.

Tip #1. It really is a great idea to spin in only one direction.

Trust me, I discovered the hard way that if you spin one direction, then switch direction, the wool will take once again the shape of a blob.

Tip #2. Puggle hair really isn't that great for spinning.
It is too short, and it annoys your dog when you shave it off him.

Tip #3. There isn't much of a market for 1 foot of puggle-yarn.

I've tried and failed to sell it.

My fellow American, 12-year-old, knitter, sewer, crocheter, weirdo, spinners, you aren't alone!

Au Revoir!

Note to Aunt Kristi:
I heard that Newfoundland fur is great for spinning...

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  1. Oh, Mia, this is so amazingly wonderfully fascinating! And you SHAVED Barnabas to spin wool? Almost like your very own sheep? (Except apparently his fur is not very good for spinning?) You all always come up with the most creative ideas. I meant to tell you this comment days ago, but I was on the dogged--er, bad pun, "stubborn"'s more like it--iPad, which incessantly failed to allow me to comment. And of course I am not going to reply to the weirdo noreply address that sends me your blog updates! :) Anna