Sunday, April 29, 2012

From Bagels to Bikes: My Morning

Hello y'all! Today I woke up from a very exciting night of sleep to a family which was all but dying from starvation.

Then I remembered:

  • Today was Saturday-
    • My dad was home
      • he had promised to:
        • Take us to a delicious pancake restaurant/bakery
        • Take us to the market
        • Take us to get bikes
 Last night I was dying for something to do, and here it was. So, I got out of bed, quickly got ready, and in no time, we were ready to do our tasks. 

We went outside into the bitter cold only to find that the pancake place was closed, however, we found a substitute quickly. It was a queer little shop that went on and on in height, but in width and length, was quite small. It's name was " Bagels and Beans," and it was a bagel and coffee shop. 

Although I don't think I'll ever get used to some things the Dutch do, mainly not drinking a lot and eating VERY, VERY slowly, it was a memorable experience.

After our delectable meal/snack, we went to a market, which had every thing from baked goods to eggs to a butcher shop to cloth to shoes, plus lots more? Everything was a feast for my eyes, especially the wheels of cheese, which were bigger than I had ever imagined. While the children and my mom looked around, my dad went somewhere, but they didn't bother to tell me where. To Finish off the market trip, we got huge stroop waffels, a delicious treat which is essentially two thin waffles with caramel in between. Yum!

Our last stop this morning was the bike store. It was full of interesting odds and ends, but best of all were the bikes. They were in every color imaginable, but of all of them, the green, blue, and silver bikes stood out to me.

First, a nice man helped Ella. Ella is rather tall for her age, and so finally we found a used bike that fit her perfectly. She didn't love the colors, but her willingness to have it made my dad more inclined to get her a beautiful gazelle, new, bike that was purple: her favorite color. Altogether, she loved it.

Next was Sadie, (we skipped Abe entirely because he can't ride a bike yet) and it seemed like we tried half of the bikes in the store before we found one for her! However, Sadie's taste and eye for quality led her to the perfect bike: another brand new bike, but because it was an older model, we got it at a discount.

My mother's choice was interesting. Her's was a black bike- sturdy and comfortable: the kind of bike known as a grandma bike to the Dutch. But she didn't mind. She loved the style, and so she was set.

Because my dad is uncommonly tall, his bike was more difficult, however, he didn't have any preference at all, other than it would work. Altogether, everyone's bikes worked out perfectly.

But what about me? You may ask. Thank you for your concern. I was the last child to need a bike, and none of the green, silver, or blue bikes fit me. Although I didn't get one of my first choices, as long as the color wasn't fluorescent, I would be okay.
On the bright side, I didn't get a fluorescent color, but on the downside, I got a navy blue bike that had um..... a nude greek god on it.

"Sparta" and "Apollo" were encircling the male, and so I'm guessing that those were the brand names. Because I am going to get a sticky to cover the dude up, I"m satisfied. It has been fun shopping today.


  1. Hey Mia! Thanks so much for your commitment to blogging!! I have just sat down and read everything you have blogged since 4 hours before you left for Europe! I have a client coming within minutes and I am still in my pj's so I gotta run! Please hug and kiss your MOM and dad and your sisters and little brother!! Give yourself a big hug too!

  2. Mia,

    Sounds like so much fun! The bike process sounds really interesting. I love the description of your bike. I am glad you're covering the nude Greek god. Hope you are doing well!