Friday, April 27, 2012

Melkpad: 1st Floor

Hello! Because my mom was sick yesterday, our house fell into disarray and it was impossible to take pictures. However, now my mom is better and our household is up and running. We spent the morning cleaning, and now our house looks and feels a lot better.

Because I am not particularly skilled at explaining floor plans, and because Melkpad's floor plan is slightly more complicated, I drew a diagram of the first floor's floor plan and have decided to include it within the slideshow.

 Do YOU want to see the slideshow I made? Click  this now!


  1. Mia,

    I think your house is so cool! I've been showing my mom all the videos, and she loves them! Your door is so pretty with the stain glass! I also love your kitchen! I love your house!!!!!

  2. It's a beautiful home! What a wonderful provision! Glad to hear your mom is well!