Wednesday, May 09, 2012

My Weekend as a Tourist

Hello. One day later, I still feel like I am in danger of falling asleep. You see-we have had a very busy weekend. I've had several attempts at this post, because we really did do a lot of interesting things, but unfortunately, my sleepy brain refuses to write.

But it doesn't refuse to make slideshows!

I know that I won't ever post about this wonderful weekend if I don't hop to it, and I also know that I have to work quickly so that Sadie and Mommy don't steal all the photos-two good reasons why I should push through my drowsiness. Well here goes nothing!

 You can watch the video here.


  1. Oh yes, Mia. I always have thought of myself as evil...

  2. Mia,

    That is so cool! I love that you are doing all these slides! It makes it so real!