Monday, April 23, 2012

This is It!!!!!!!

Four hours- four hours until we leave for the airport and go to Holland. Our very exiting dream has turned into reality, and to face it is a mother, and four grumpy children. (we really shouldn’t have stayed up late last night)
I   really don’t have much time to write today, because there simply isn’t enough time to be thorough, so the basics will have to do.
Barnabas will not be with us for about two weeks, and then our dear Aunt will go with him to the N.L. So that takes some stress away, but I don’t believe we all knew how much stuff, really, we had. Now, as I am finding how many odds and ends I actually consider essential to my existence, I am considering hiding my head in shame.
Well bye for now! I guess my name will have to be changed to Mia’s Escapades because the next update will be from Europe!

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  1. Your big day has come! I am sorry to see you leave, but I think you will like The Netherlands! I'll continue to pray for you as you guys are moving, and being far from Wheaton. Have a good time!