Saturday, January 21, 2012


After months and months of snow-less days, and after a view of melting slush that lasted for eternity, we have finally gotten white, fluffy snow that hopefully will stay for a long time.

Just last night, we went to a friend's house just when the snow was craziest. At around 8:30 pm, we went outside to play in the snow, and the view was beautiful. I tried to take some fairly decent pictures to try to capture the rugged beauty, but my camera couldn't capture the gleaming white crystals properly, and the flash of it made it too bright, and with out it the picture was black. Even though I couldn't capture it on film, I still had a fun time sledding, or trying to, in their yard. I had an excellent time, though the experience was somewhat spoiled by my toes almost getting frost bitten. (My boots weren't warm enough, and then, while still outside, I took my boots off and tried to warm my toes, but they got wet and the water on them froze, etc)

In a way I am excited like everyone else that there is snow, but even I, muddled by snow's splendor, can foresee the ice, slush, and saddening yucky-ness that it will turn into.

Don't you wish that the snow would last?

-Mia Susan


  1. I sort of like snow, I really only like playing in it. But if we keep getting snow it will probably not melt. So I hope so too!!