Sunday, January 22, 2012

How I Wish it Was Gourmet

As we were shopping as a family at our favorite grocery store, I asked my mom, "Can we have something delicious for dinner?" For me the meaning of my question was simple, Can we have something truly gourmet that I can make and that does not have any vegetables in it? However, my mom thought that my little question meant Can we have for dinner something that is not gourmet, because gourmet has healthy stiff in it, like pizza? See the difference? Well, my mom replied, "yes" and I thought that my mom was answering to the first question, and I thought that I would be able to make something for dinner. You can imagine my disappointment when my mom said we were having frozen pizza- not homemade, not from a fancy pizzeria, and not even from a fast-food restaurant! I was having "home-baked pizza" instead of a seven course divinity.

I soothed my wounds by thinking of the delicious desserts that I would make for dinner. A cake? Pudding? Soft sugar cookies? Beverage slush? Oh the wonders I will make, I thought. Oops, I said to myself as I was handed a box of cookie mix, I guess I got my hopes up.

The cookies turned out fine, I guess, and the pizza at least nobody complained about. I am growing increasingly sad at the though if the pizza instead of the seven course meal.

Yours in misery,

Mia Susan 

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