Friday, January 13, 2012

We TRY to Learn Dutch

We have started to learn Dutch...

...from a baby book.

we aren't learning it all the way from the baby booking,

but we are still mainly learning it from a baby book.

I got the idea when my feeble little brain came upon the thought: we are 50% Dutch, thus, as a tribute to our heritage, we should learn Dutch. 

Sadie and Ella didn't object. Sadie wants to be a teacher when she grows up (when she is not the Bear's head quarter back), and Ella loves being a model student (when she agrees with us).  Abe doesn't care in the slightest.  So, with this team behind me, I decided to give the dutch language a shot.

We have made a lot of progress. So far we have learned in the lat 24 hrs,
  • banaan- banana
  • broccoli- broccoli 
  • appel- apple
  • molen- windmill
  • bloem- flower
  • hond- dog
  • kaas- cheese
  • ja- yes
  • nee- no
Aren't you proud of us? When I said we learned it from a baby book, I mean it. A few years back, when Abe was a baby, my parents went to Holland, and they brought Abe back a baby book with 100 valuable words, like de potja (the potty), etc.  Tomorrow, hopefully, our Rossetta Stone software will come to help us learn the language with the proper accent.  Until then, I will have to be satisfied by being able to say potty, cheese, and yes. 

P.S I''l try to give you updates.

(Below are little elements of what we call "Dutch School"

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