Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rover's Wedding

I have to admit: I am a child at heart. I still like to use my imagination and do things that most eleven year olds would think are stupid, like for example, having a stuffed animal wedding, and like blogging about the wedding and advertising to the planet how geeky I am.

Well, I decided to do just that, and I spent my entire afternoon directing the marriage of Ella's second favorite stuffed, Rover Sarah Whuffer, to a minor stuffed animal which Ella gave to Abe especially for this purpose, and which I named Jon Truett Pirate Dog. (That's the last name of all of Abe's stuffed animals)

The wedding was big and grand and took up almost all the stairs to the landing. We all dressed up and it was fun pretending be parsons, and it was not so fun trying to get my siblings to stay still.

This is the Big picture of all of the stuffed animals

Bottom Row (right to left) Jon Truett Pirate Dog, Rover Sarah Whuffer
Top Row (right to left): Mrs. Pirate Dog, Lucky (on unicorn) Scurvie Bones Pirate Dog, Mr. Jake Pirate Dog

Bottom Row (l to r): Amy Whuffer, Hanna Meowie, Kitty Meowie
Top Row (l to r): Meow- Meow (or Marital) Meowie Bhaer, Mrs. Whuffer

Bottom Row (l to r): Bear Bhaer (Meow-Meow's husband), Mr. Whuffer,
Middle Row (l to r): (Behind bear's head) Sealie Meowie, Fluff Meowie, Amo Meowie

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