Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Diary of a House-girl

 You might recognize the title above if you watched the movie I sent the link to: Christmas in Connecticut. Well, for those of you who did not watch it, one of the main characters writes a section called "Diary of a Housewife" about her fake family. Do you get the joke?

Well, anyway.

Today I had to stay after school for a math program. By the time it finished, Ella and Abe had gotten ice cream, and so I was greeted by their sticky faces grinning "We got eggnog ice cream! Ha ha!" I can't say that I wasn't jealous. Thankfully, my mom let me soothe my wounds by making homemade mashed potatoes: my family's favorite.

The mashed potatoes were to go with IKEA meatballs and gravy. I was looking forward to making (and blogging) about this feast, but just when my wounds, from the lack of ice cream, were almost closed up, my mom decided to take a knife to them (not literally) -- homework.

So, I bore these burdens bravely, and chose to complete my homework swiftly and with out complaint. And here I am, still alive, ready to tell you about the remainder of our dinner preparations.

In photos:


  1. I love IKEA meatballs!! They are soooooooooo good!!!


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  4. You have convinced me to try the infamous IKEA meatballs. My friend Anne Barber has offered numerous times to purchase some for me as she buys her own. I shall call her immediately and place my order.

    1. I"m glad! Their meatballs are like easy gourmet food! You can tell that they are delicious because my whole family agrees on their greatness! :~)

  5. I like the instant potatoes better-- no offense. They are so creamy. Yours were impressive for homemade ones, though.