Monday, January 16, 2012

My Day in 20 mins

Have you ever been not forced, but required to do something in a certain, and very limited amount of time? This night is a perfect example. I have at most twenty minutes to summarize a very eventful nine hours. I might use bullet points at the end of my time, a tactic I use when I am at the end of my time for exams.

My day started becoming interesting at about 1:00 pm. I made a batch of hot cocoa mix. The batch we make makes 100 servings, and this is our third batch. (!)

Next, we, (meaning our neighbor Eleanor and her cousin, Tayler, and my sibling) played in the snow. I played until my legs were numb and then I went inside to prepare hot cocoa and cookies to warm us up. We were just going to have them over for hot cocoa and then we were probably going to play outside again or do something of the sort, but we invited them over and the rest of the night was spent merry-making. The kids played while the grownups talked, and I doubt that the grownups had as much fun as we did!

We played a game that we had played since we were little: Super-Town. Super-Town is essentially when we play town, but all of us are super-heroes and we get to choose super powers. In this game, I interviewed people and wrote advertisements and stories on our whiteboard, a.k.a the "newspaper." Everyone had a job, for example, Abe was Batman Titan and he owned a restaurant. Ella was Star Wonder and she owned the Starry Library. Sadie was Flower Fairy and she owned a clothes shop and a trinket shop, were she sold babies. Our neighbor Eleanor had an animal shelter and a pet shop, and Tayler had first the clothes shop, and then an art shop.

Tayler writes an advertisement for her business. Naturally, I post it on my news paper-board.

This was Tayler's sign for her shop.

My Daily News Board

Sadie next to her "shop"

Caitlyn's Clothes was Tayler's first shop. Then she gave it to Sadie and started Kaitlyn's Kases

Eleanor and her pet shop. 

Eleanor and Tayler trying to put a magician's hat on Barnabas.

Putting a magician's hat on the dog

Barnabas loves his hat!

Tayler all dressed up.

I had a wonderful time playing with my friends. I hope we can play this fun game again in times to come!

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