Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Not So Brief Summary of My Typical/Not-So-Typical Day As A Sick Person

(It is honestly beyond me how I managed to make such a long title)

I must have had the oddest day in the world, well, actually no, almost all my days are weird, this can’t be the weirdest of them. My day started out normal; I got dressed in my uniform, made my lunch, etc. But then I started feeling fatigued, feverish, my nose was stuffy, I had a sore throat, and I had to stay home from school. Then, I started having symptoms of the stomach bug. As if this weren’t puzzling enough, Ella and Abe were home sick too, and so the house was filled with racket. I probably won’t even mention the fact that my mom had to work on the retreat she was planning, thus was not there so my Auntie Em had to babysit us.
I spent, (or wasted) my morning by reading Little Men and watching “I Love Lucy.” Then, at about 11:00 clock, Ella became sick too, and four hours later Sadie came home from school.
Then, of course we decided to ruin the picturesque layer of snow for fun, mind you. Before or after, I’m not sure, we played our favorite game: Apples to Apples. Apples- apples is a card game were someone chooses a green card with an adjective on it, and you get seven red cards with nouns on them, which you choose one of to put in a pile along with your fellow’s players cards, and the person who chose the green card chooses the best red card, and the green card goes to the person who they think chose the best red card. Usually the green card counts as a point, but we always choose to say that that the green cards that we win describe us. For example, Abe’s cards were, spooky, warm, and beautiful, so that is what he “is”. In our immensely long game today Sadie one, but all of her green cards were like “lumpy” and so in the “fictional character description” sense, she lost.
(Actually Ella probably lost because hers were heavy, smelly, etc.)
Then, I took a nap and so I have no idea what-so-ever what happened downstairs. But, an hour and a half later, I know, the pizza they ordered arrived and me feasted of Izzes and pizza.
To top of this mixed day, we watched a movie I think was called “Gifted Hands” and I loved it the few minutes I watched it. Unfortunately, I start thinking about less than beautiful things during the night, and so most of the movie I was running away and covering my eyes. (The movie is about a brain surgeon and so most of it was gory)
As I type, my dad walks into the room and tells me I have to stop blogging in four minutes. Oh, well, I suppose that you don’t want to hear about how the movie reminds me of the complex and entirely intellectual dissection of a frog’s body. For now, then,

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