Tuesday, March 05, 2013

A Flag Hanging On My Wall

On a certain wall, in a certain bedroom of a certain girl living one of  the tiniest countries in the world, hangs a flag. This flag isn't very big, but it is very special, because on it are pins from my travels in Europe.

It is my flag.

Last night, another pin was added onto my flag.

I'd already 10 pins hanging on it,

From a castle in Germany

From a Beer Garden in Munich

From Antwerp, Belgium

From the Netherlands

From a Museum in the Netherlands,

From Brussels, Belgium

From Westminster Abbey in London

From Hampton Court, (King Henry VIII's house in London)

From London,

From Haarlem, Netherlands,

And, added last night, Paris.

This collection, which was really my mom's idea, has helped me remember all the places I've gone, in a visual way. I don't know how many more pins will go onto my flag on the wall, but I have plenty of space.

(A LOT of space :~)

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