Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sleep (As A General Topic)

I love my room. I have a skylight window just above my bed that lets me the stars at night. I have other windows that help me see the sun when it rises. I have a huge comfy bed that lets me sleep in utter joy. I am equipped for sleeping well, but there are several pests that deter me from my dreams.


  1. Centipedes! This horrid creature caught my attention when I was about to go asleep. Although I dealt with it within a minute, I was positive that millipedes were doing petty, obnoxious things like crawling over me and trying to strangle me.
  2. The Sun! It went down at 11:00 PM in the summer and was up by 5:30 AM. Now it is down by 6:30 PM and is up by 8:00 AM! We are all striving to find a wake-up schedule.
  3. Spiders! Grandpa and Grandma, I don't need to you about these, do I?
  4. Giant Flying Mosquitoes! Last night a giant one was flying around my room and landing on me. I tried going under my covers in all positions but the more I tried, the more I realized that it really is very difficult to not breath in Dust Mites when you are under a blanket. I didn't hear the wings anymore and I supposed that it wasn't in my room, so I closed the door! But the crafty devil just was locked in my room with me! I slept the rest of the night out in the hallway with a blanket and pillow. 
We all need sleep. Each day we need the patience and even-temperament that sleep helps provide. In general there aren't many recommendations I would make for improving the Dutch lifestyle. However I don't see any downsides to installing screens in their homes! Stay tuned for further updates.

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