Thursday, June 14, 2012


Hello! For the past few days I've been asking my mom if I could make homemade pizza, but for one reason or another, we couldn't. But today my mom offered the idea and I immediately snatched it up!  I ran into the kitchen and searched for a recipe. After much thought and advice from my mom, I selected a recipe that we've used before and enjoyed.
First, throw together all the dry ingredients.
Then mix 'er up...
Add the water...
Add the oil and honey...
After you mix it... let it rise.
Spred it out...
Bake the crust, throw on some toppings, bake it again and there it is!

Just look at the glory of that pizza! I am passionate about (cheese) pizza, and this pizza was a huge hit for me! My family is happy and full, we finished off our night by watching a couple episodes of Rick Steve's travel shows. What more could one want?

(For the recipe, go to here for a nearly the same recipe, or email me at for the differences)


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