Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hot Cocoa: Then and Now

For my family hot chocolate stands for many things. It stands for Christmas Eve, opening the gifts we all made for each other, it stands for cold winter days, when we're chilled to the bone from playing in the snow, and it stands for fun times shared with our stuffed animals.

Today my mom is making our classic hot cocoa mix, and I'd like to take this opportunity to compare our hot chocolate making process before we knew that we were moving, and right now.

The first time I posted about this was in November....

Oh Yes! I used my delightful Mug! Bless you hot cocoa mug!

Oh man! November CAN be bleak! But June in the Netherlands can be bleak too I guess...

The Second time I posted about hot cocoa was on A Photo Guide to My Day. Yes... but unfortuanately only the first twenty pictures are of making hot cocoa.

The third and last time that I posted about the hot cocoa was on My Day in 20 Minutes.

Today, for snack during homeschool, we had hot cocoa and some delicous rolls with chocolate chips in them. The hot cocoa is still as good as ever, and I'm dying to have another mug full. In the meantime, I have several book reviews to write!

Tot ziens!

(pronounced: tote zeens)
(translation: good bye in Dutch)

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