Friday, June 29, 2012

Knitting and Homeschool: Two VERY Different Pieces of News

Hello! A very dear friend generously gave me some very interesting yarn before we moved.  Our dear friend taught us how to use the yarn and Sadie and I started making lovely ruffle scarves with this special yarn.  Two months later, we are here in the Netherlands, and we are finding the same special yarn everywhere!  If our friend hadn't taught us how to make the amazing scarves, we would be in a pickle!  And it would be an especially painful pickle, because the scarves are incredible.

I love knitting! And this new pattern will help me be able to continue cranking out scarves with zeal!

In other news, you may already know this, but in the Netherlands, education for children is compulsory.  Therefore, you need to seek special permission to homeschool here and it is not certain that you will be given permission.   On Wednesday, my dad met with the local officials and we were given permission to homeschool!
To celebrate, of course, we had to bake something!   We brought with us from home a limited number of cake mixes so we only use them when there is something to celebrate!  The cake we baked was featured in Mia's Memories (see previous post) Season 1 Episode 1, and I forgot to mention why we made the cake in the episode.

So, now we will be homeschooling for this next school year, which we think is wonderful!  And tomorrow is Saturday! Who wouldn't be joyful!

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  1. Yay! I am so glad! I miss you all... But I absolutely ADORE those scarves, and I know how to make them due to an Internet video, however, I have none of the yarn, yet I do like the pale-blue-and -purple type which I have seen of it before! P.S. -- I DO love the post from before of the video!!!!!!!