Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mia's Memories: Season 1 Episode 2 Part 1/2

Dear friends,
I had it all planned out this morning: We were to all come downstairs like perfect little angels, help make pannenkoeken, eat them gracefully, and help clean up like perfect children. Next we would get freshened up, (although most of the "freshening would have been done while we were in our pajamas) and we would, while dressed in stylish wonders, go on a bike ride, and I would pull our little puggle in the doggy trailer. And naturally, I would be filming all of this.

It was all perfect, the only problem was that we dropped off our "little puggle" at a kennel so that we could go to Belgium. In terms of movie-making, this was a perfect chance for an interesting topic. I have only made one "episode" of my "TV show," but I was beginning to figure out that if I tried to plan what to film, where to film, and what interesting things we could do, it never happened because aside from my parents being the bosses, life, I have found, is too unpredictable for me to plan ahead.

I woke up this morning, hopeful for an interesting day, and my hopes became reality: our day was VERY interesting. But not all of my hopes were fulfilled. In the Belgium I had dreamed up, the entire reason we had went was to film, and although my parents were more than willing to stop to film, my actors were less excited, although cooperative.

I have come to find in blogging, movie making, and in plays, that my family members can never value the characters that they play more than the people they really are, and although very irksome at times, this is to be valued, I think.

All that is to say is that I learned a lot today, and although I hoped to present more today, life in my family cannot be tamed, and I have to "go with the flow" without resistance.

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