Sunday, February 12, 2012

We have...

 Hello! Sorry for the post delay, but my family is in that odd position where we know we are going to move, but the thrill is over and we haven't started packing yet. Also, my mom is wrapping up her retreat, so we haven't had a home cooked meal in ages- I don't think that mac 'n cheese counts. My last excuse, (I promise!) is that we have been doing things that take a lot of time to blog about, and have been left with no time to actually blog.  So now I am taking the time to tell what we have done this week.

We have...
  •  Started making hats for our cousins! There are seventeen cousins in all, so this is difficult, but we are managing it! We have only done four so far, but Sadie and I are doing an average of two per day.   At this rate, it might not take as long as planned!

  • Been shoveling the driveway for a LONG time. WEll, in truth I'm not sure that is was that long, but it probably seemed longer than it was because I accidentally showered right before I went outside. You can guess what happened: my hair froze. I must have been quite a sight!

  • Been coming up with crazy ideas like dressing up our favorite stuffed animals in waterproof doll clothes and putting them in the snow and in trees. You can tell by their faces that they loved it, even if they did get a little wet!

I anticipate a full week of blogging now that mom has promised to start cooking again, Ella has a birthday tomorrow and we have a long weekend next weekend.  So, no more excuses!

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