Monday, January 02, 2012

A White Christmas

Every year for Christmas, my mom’s family gathers for Christmas, but this year it had to be postponed to New Year’s Day. You could say that New Year’s Day was like a second Christmas to me.
I had hoped and prayed for the longest time for a White Christmas, and you can imagine my despair when it turned out not even to be a green Christmas, but a muddy brown Christmas. I tried to chide myself and not let such a silly matter as this spoil my Christmas, but deep down, in the depths of my heart, I was sad.
But now, on this second Christmas of mine, I have had a White Christmas.
I woke up at 7:05 am this morning and I sleepily gazed at the bedroom I was sharing with my siblings. Then I spotted the snow. At first I didn’t believe it; I believed it would never snow, because the previous night it had been all but snowy, but then I realized that the snow existed.
At first I just whispered to myself, “It’s snowing.” As just a sort of afterthought, but then, each time I said it again, I got more ecstatic and by the time I realized the full glory of the snow, I was almost screaming. I woke up my siblings at once, and they, I am sorry to say, cared nothing for the snow, and only for the silly matter of me waking them up.
Then we went upstairs, to get a better view of the snow, since we were just in the basement, and we did get a better view of it. But staring at beauty lost its charm quickly for my siblings, and so we started watching Holiday Inn, staring Bing Crosby.  (We got about ten minutes into it before we were summoned to breakfast and then church)

I had an awesome “Christmas” , though shortly afterwards he snow melted.

(The following pictures are of what my Christmas was like)

(Doesen't my cousin look out of this world cute?)

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