Friday, December 30, 2011

Prep for a Late Christmas

Usually, on Christmas all my family on my mom's side gathers. (this is almost always a big achievement because my mom has eight children in her family and because there are seventeen cousins total) This year, however, my grandma and grandpa were not home for Christmas, and so we had to postpone the gathering to New Year's Day. We are leaving on Friday, even though New Year's  is on Sunday, and so today I have been baking a lot in preparation. But even though the day has been very busy, there has still been time to invite our close friend and neighbor, Eleanor, over, and to play our new video game.

Today I was kept busy by making my all time favorite bars, Dutch Almond Bars, and also my Dad's favorite, Ginger Creams. To top it off, my mom and I are making Tacos and Black Bean Enchiladas, family favorites, for dinner.

Our Kitchen is a mess, the house smells of cooking, and I am totally enjoying the rich experience of home cooking.

The dutch almond bars I just took out of the oven, and I am whipping up the delicious glaze that goes with the bars. I love making these bars! They have five ingredients and are so easy!

Next, I start working on the ginger creams. They are half way between gingerbread and molasses cookies. I frost them with my special buttercream and they are delicious. Because you have to chill them, I start scooping them onto the cookie sheets later then expected.

Now, I am working on the tacos meat. Cooking taco meat is not exactly rocket science, so I get this done quickly. Now I can ease into my dinner chair and relax.

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