Sunday, September 04, 2011

The Best Chocolate Cake Ever!

This Link leads to a wonderful recipe.

The recipe is for a chocolate cake which is so superb and easy, that you simply must try making it at home.

My mom has this wonderful coffee-cake recipe and she had promised me that she would lay the recipe out for me yesterday, so that I might bake it. Unfortunately, she forgot, and I used a a lousy "substitute" recipe, and I forgot the powder, which makes it rise. In the end, we had a dry, flat, tasteless thing and I was depressed.

All the children in my family have a love for baking and I like to give them baking lessons. Ella has a easy-bake- oven and so I asked my mom if we could bake a cake in the oven.

The answer was absolutely no.

Every thing Ella bakes turns out, well different then the box said it would. Ella is an excellent baker for her age, and so my mom just assumes it is the oven that creates the mishap.

But, there was a ray of hope, my mom said that if we found a superior cake  recipe, then we could bake something.

There was this "one bowl chocolate cake" recipe that we had used twice before, and my mom agreed.

And I am proud to say that we did bake it, and without any help form my mom!

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