Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Baking: Failure to Success

As my close friends would know, I have a great love for baking.

Baking is like math, you have to know the basics in order to be able to experiment and add your own touches. I finally have learned the basics, but the learning process is still not over for me. I have much to learn in many things.

Two day ago or so I attempted to make my family's favorite cinnamon-sugar coffee cake. The recipe is from my great-grandma and it reigns supreme over all cakes of its kind.

I got up early and was totally ready to bake the cake for breakfast, but I quickly found that my mom had forgotten to lay out the recipe!

Try as I may, I could not find the recipe anywhere, and so I had to use a lousy substitute recipe instead.

The cake I did make was dry and tasteless and was flat and thin because I had forgotten to add the baking powder.

I tried again to make the cake, with the right recipe, and out superb. 

My family really enjoyed the delicacy that this cake was and I can only hope that my mother wants me to make it again.

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