Thursday, January 31, 2013

Exploring 'Round the Netherlands Sneak Peak

Hello! As you might have been informed, Abe is starring in his own TV show, Exploring 'Round the Netherlands and it premiers Saturday. We all can't wait, here at the Melkpad. However, if you can't wait, then we advise that you look at the sneak peak below.


  1. Wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL sneak peek!!! And if it's so wonderful, I can't wait to see what the actual thing is!!! PS I think it would be very neat to have my own such thing as this, though my life is so very drab and boring compared to yours that should I try and do so it might cause an unfilial disturbance among co-jackanapes, and though I do not expect any jackanapes such as those, filial, to participate in this, I do expect that audiences will humdrumly be most induced by the end of the show. Aren't those great words??? I learned them in the dictionary just today/now!!! :-) Anyway, I love it!

  2. Oh and PS. I though the standalone word "filial" WAS a word, which it IS, but rather than my intended meaning of it, "brother or pertaining to a brother", the actual definition is of parental genetics and relationships. Well, take it the way I intended it!

    1. I was just in the act of replying, which doesn't make sense because "filius" means in Latin "brother", when I corrected myself with most shocked, astonished dignity at such hastily-doled err, for I realized it did not mean "brother" but "son," so that the definition at actually makes sense, rather than in great tresspasses and iniquity I thought it did not!!!

  3. This looks awesome, I can't wait to see the full episode!!