Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Normal School Day

I woke up this morning at 6:30 am. I had dreamt about many things, terrible and bizarre. I was ready to wake up. Or, I was ready to wake up mentally, my body didn't quite agree. 19 minutes later I checked the clock again.

You really should get up, I told myself harshly. You're being lazy, and cruel, and abominable. 

You're mean. I whined. I really did intensely dislike my morning self. But I got up. I showered, I had a steamed milk. I forgave my cruel morning self for waking me up as I sipped sublimity itself. Breakfast was rolls from dinner on Monday, and porridge. And hot coca, but that was only a beverage.

School was the same as usual.



Language arts.


Which brings me to the present. Break. I'm rather sleepy. It could be the consequence of going to bed five minute past bedtime: 8:00, or it could be the consequence of dreaming things terrible and bizarre. Either way. This is a normal school day. I don't want to be tired again, so I think that I might got to bed earlier- at 8:01.

8:00 just seems too early, and I really do like going to bed late.


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