Monday, May 14, 2012

My Very Special Weekend With Auntie Em

As I have posted before, we spend a lot of time touring Holland on our weekends.  However, this week we weren't the tourists.  Auntie Em was the tourist , and it was our job to show her the highlights of Dutch life in just a few days. Because we aimed for about two "highlights" a day, as soon as she got out of the airport, we got to work.

So, on Wednesday, as soon as we picked up Barnabas, we took her on a long trip home: the perfect entry to the Netherlands. Then, for our second highlight, we gave her a full house tour, and treated her to gelato. What fun!

Next, on Thursday, the sea shipment came and although it probably wasn't a highlight for her, it was a highlight for us! We were finally reunited with our Catland friends.  Then, as a more real highlight, we took her to our favorite Belgian chocolate store and got her a fancy, delicate, Belgian chocolate!

Who can guess?  On Friday we DIDN'T homeschool, we toured the country, and had a blast at Naarden.  The highlight, (the one that wasn't Naarden itself, but within Naarden), was defiantly and boldly, and definitely, the hot chocolate.

Saturday: Eight mile bike ride, pancake house, Haarlem (Corrie Ten Boom, Cathedral, etc.)

Sunday: Church, Amsterdam trip with my Mom

By now, I'm sure you get the idea. However, today is Monday, and my Aunt just left. I had a wonderful really long weekend, but I'm really going to miss my aunt!  Here is a slideshow to give you a few snapshots of our time together.

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  1. Mia,

    Sounds so fun! The pancake house seems like it was good!

  2. "I agree with Anne Marie!" Well, the thing is, is that that sounds SO much fun, and that it sounds like such a wonderful life, and the kind of thing I would like to see, there! I got your letter today!

    We had a half-day on school today! I already did my homework, and guess where I am now? I'm at your house! We are baking our first batch of cookies ever here, chocolate chip, and my grandma expects to give some to your Uncle Tim. PS. My grandma let me have a teeny-tiny taste of the cookie-dough! :-) :-) :-) You know how my mom is about that .... :-)