Wednesday, February 01, 2012


I really don't hate mornings, I just dislike what I have to do to get into them: wake up. I have started to get up semi-early to try to take pictures of the sunrise, but today there was no sunrise, so I got up early for no apparent reason.

Well, on to the work :~(

First I soothed my disappointments by making hot cocoa. Yes, the hot cocoa was our own homemade hot cocoa which I told you a million times about. Then I started making my lunch, and naturally I started with the dessert. But what dessert was I to choose? Cupcakes? Chocolate Pretzels? Chocolate? 

Just so you know we NEVER have that much sugar in our house, we just had a group over last night and they needed sugar. I selected a cupcake and went back to work.

I'm sorry for this post. I"m sorry that I didn't just post pictures and call it "Wordless Wednesday." I guess that is how I type when I'm sleepy. Well, just to guarantee I don't fall asleep on the keyboard,



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