Friday, November 04, 2011

I Meet Mat Kearney

 My family and I are total Mat Kearney fans.

For those who have not heard of him, he is a singer who, although not extremely well known, has quality songs and catchy beats that are highly contagious and fun to listen to.

Well ever since my Dad heard of him, he has been playing Mat Kearney's music all the time and we all developed a taste for it in no time.

When I was almost ten, I went to my first Mat Kearney concert. I loved it and by the time his new album came out, my family was obsessed.

We did get to see him again a second time, just a little while ago.  Sadie and I got to go with my parents and we were easily the youngest by a good ten years.  It was awesome. We even got to stay up after midnight!  But, the real glory was that my dad was able to get backstage passes to that we could meet Mat Kearney in person.  The backstage meeting was awesome.

My family gave him a hat that said our hometown and encouraged him to come visit. We all agree that it was a night to remember!

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