Monday, April 04, 2011

A gift from God

After we went to church, one Sunday morning, we decided to go to a lovely little grocery store called Trader Joe's. Now Trader Joe's has great plants all year round, orchids, basil, tulips, you name it, and the great thing is that all of their plants look perfect. Well, when we were at the check-out, I saw a beautiful orchid at the window.  I had seen them there when we arrived, and I wanted one like crazy, but they were expensive.  Just as I could no longer stand it, a strong gust of wind rammed into the row of orchids and with a crash, a lovely purple orchid fell to the ground. A lady quickly came to pick them up and when she was about to throw away the orchid, I asked if I could buy it. "I'll give it to you as a gift," she said and gave it to me. I suppose God does look out for you, not just our needs, even (sometimes) for our wants!

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