Monday, February 10, 2014

Instagram: One Week Later!

My Dear Friends,

There has been a "modification" in my life.  Last week I got an instagram account.  Ever since Sadie turned thirteen and I turned twelve and four-fourths years old, Sadie has been into instagram.  Partly as a reaction to her love of it, and partly because I have a longstanding feud with "selfies", I have been rather outspoken about my disdain for the whole "social media" concept.

However, due to circumstances beyond my control, my chief source of email checking was taken away from me, and so I needed a new way to stay connected.  In a moment of weakness, I allowed myself to make an account, and ever since I have rather enjoyed it.

My instagram name, (if anybody wants to know) is miasusan6, not because I was born in the sixth month of the year, or because my birthday is the sixth day of the year, or even because I live in the sixth most tire consuming city in the country, but simply because I really like the number six. (This love, I might mention, is the sort of pure love that only comes through mathematics, and I would write quite a bit more about the majesty of it and its multiples, but that would bore you.)

I have really (#excusetheitalics) enjoyed keeping up with my friends, looking at their pictures, and being back "in the loop" (she said, hopelessly out of date)  It has been really fun to find gems of wisdom and pearls of beauty in my friends' accounts.  A sunset here, a Bible verse there, and an overcast sky over the horizon.  That makes it totally worth it. However, there is ugly in Instagram.  Praise the Lord, my friends don't add to the ugly, but it is there and it looms like a cloud over the entire experience.  The ugly consists of immodest selfies, just plain selfies, and mean comments, just to name a few.

I have really grown to like Instagram, and look forward to it every day.  It was spooky the way it disarmed me.  Five minutes into my account, and I was hooked.  Every day, the alarm bells in my head get lulled into a false sense of security, and I need to mentally awaken them.  Please, dear friends, keep your alarm bells alert, also.

P.S In the present moment, I am working on a review of The Fault in our Stars by John Green.  It is wildly popular - Never has that good old quote from Julius Caesar had more fame! And I really enjoyed the plot and was emotionally struck at the ending.  But I'm not sure that it was one of those good, pure things that I was supposed to be putting into my mind, and so I think that my book review will be directed towards parents so that I, a teenager, can tell them the pros and cons of what is all the rage.

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