Thursday, October 10, 2013


As of yesterday, it has been brought to my attention that I love books. Of course, I already knew that I loved books from past experience, but my mind was becoming squishier and gushier as each week passed because of the lack of new material, which was entirely my fault.

Over time, I have developed a nasty habit of re-reading ten or so series of books over and over again. I had fallen into a funk of reading only already memorized material, and my brain was starting to get lazy. However, thankfully my mother saved me from drowning in my sluggish-ness.

Every Friday, we study with gusto a passion assigned by my mom. Thanks to constant begging, my obsessive interest, "Wool-Working," turned out to actually be the Passion that I studied every Friday. However, after only two passion weeks, I exhausted all the literary resources related to wool and my mom changed my passion to Shakespearean Literature, which I have now immersed myself in.

My mom was really great in it all. Really. Having chosen a passion for me that was satisfactory, she was so thrilled that she bought be a series of lectures on understanding Shakespeare, (which are very interesting) and even promised me my very own Norton Shakespeare, which I am now buying with my birthday money. Thank you, Mom!

After my brain started to get on the treadmill, and burn off all the damage that reading only brain candy had done to my mind, I realized that I like books, and have had a book in my hand ever since.

My mom and I are mutually delighted, and she has already shown me several reading lists to read in preparation for college. "Don't worry," she reassures me when I get slightly anxious at having to read 500 books, "You have five years."

On a somewhat related note, now there will be an updated page on the blog which tells all that I have read. With a little prodding from a certain somebody, I will also try to post the lists of books that I will be reading in preparation for college. (Which is five year from now.)

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  1. What a wonderful post, for indeed, I, too, find myself cruelly forced into rereading books I have already read too many times to count, or which are far below my age level and which therefore greatly diminish the scholastic capacities of my otherwise-untarnished noggin. (Sorry, that sentence probably made no sense whatsoever.) Needless to say, I will find the page fascinating, for I am always on the lookout for good books, and while I sort-of began "Macbeth", I tired of it too readily; even I admit to such a biased prejudice, and in the future, I intend not to be so bigoted towards some of the greatest literary works of all time. (For the fact remains that Shakespeare is still well-known and accredited for such, if not fully adored with the most authentic of appreciation, which in itself must mean he was indeed an incredible author.) Thank you; for you and your whole family always have the best of books to share. Besides which, as a post script, I add, that while I had gotten about halfway through it, then stopped, I recently re-began 'Pride and Prejudice', and so far have been so ensnared in its pages, which are the largest types of ambushes for innocent readers, who are then unsuspectingly lost in a world in which 'time' has lost its meaning, that I can hardly put it down; and although in this re-beginning session, I have come to understand the language much more than previously, it still is greatly taxing on my poor brain, which can scarcely handle 'MacBeth'. Thank you for listening to my rambling, drivelling, and first-class battology. (Battology is one of my favorite words.)