Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ella's School Day

After we made "How to Ride a Bike," and "Exploring 'Round the Netherlands," both of which starred Abe, we decided that is was definitely time for Ella to have her own video. Enjoy!


  1. Very well done, Mia... especially the editing!

    Note: If anyone notices how ghostly I look in this video it's because I had a fever while filming this.

  2. The narrative pace of this short film was exquisite. The unique steps the director took to involve his/her audience in the story was something that most directors can only dream of. The character felt alive, and I as an audience member felt invested in their lives. The actors possessed unique talent and poise that I could only expect with the clearly high budget. All around 10/10. I will be showing this to my family.