Thursday, September 13, 2012


Hello! I hope you liked my last post, it made quite a splash in my family. We are still divided in half about the ultimate  goodness of it. I haven't been lazy, lately. My mom has been keeping Sadie and I on our toes, and I have been writing a lot. We have a surprise planned for our cousins, and we have been working on it daily. (We hope to finish it by Christmas) Also, my mom is letting us write letters. I love to write letters, but my last attempt at a letter to a Fantasy-Footbal rival needed four attempts. Apparently I wrote too much trash-talk, sarcasm, and general complaints. My mom decided that my first drafts were  failures when I claimed that root beer and candy were nessesities. Go figure.

My main comfort are in a pair of beautiful sheepskin slippers which I wear all day. They the fruit of my labor, the prize of my possessions.

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