Saturday, March 24, 2012

Going, Going,


As of a few hours ago, when I woke up, we began the final packing for Palm Springs:  carry-ons. I am packing:

  • My mini laptop
  • My kindle
  • My camera
  • My wallet
  • A book that I don't have on my kindle
  • a pencil case
  • a notebook
  • And other little oddities like gum for my motion sickness
  • Oh yes, and knitting (of course)
I hope the plane trip will fly with these useful items. I am really looking forward to the plane flight and what comes with it, soda, snacks, takeoff, landing, but what I am looking for just as much is how we are going to get there. For one thing, we are going there in a LIMO, which I have never been in before, and secondly, I just love airports and the general business that our large airport is. 

I am super exited about the "flying" thing, but most of all, I am exited because we are going with our dear neighbors. 

Limo, takeoff, and landing, here I come!

P.S Based on the fact that there is no internet connection, I will have to post my thoughts and photos after we land. 

P.P.S I have decided that whenever I am NOT at home, I will have this airplane background as my background.

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