Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dinner at our House w/ Uncle Grant

Uncle Grant starts drawing pictures with the amount of tabs on our computer.

Last night we were entertained by my mom's younger brother, Uncle Grant. Because Uncle Grant is away at college, we don't see him as often now, but he always manages to spice up our day every once in a while by appearing suddenly.

Today, for instance, he was at our house when we came home from school.  We played a merry game of football with Abe's new, microscopic, Titan's football. We couldn't decide which team won, so we just said that Uncle Grant won, because he was the all time QB. Then we all messed around, and Uncle Grant decided to make pictures on our computer with all the tabs.

He likes to do things like that.

While I was listening to the shrieks of giggle of my siblings, I pondered a thought in my wee little brain.
I have peeled a lot of potatoes this week and that can only mean a) my family, aside from loving potatoes, is a very starchy family. Or b) My life is being over-run with potato peeling.

I seriously hope it is A.

Well, after I peeled potatoes I made cookies, but not just any cookies, chocolate chip cookies!  I made the cookies and read my book while all the other kids were doing their homework, so naturally I was the last one to start and thus finish it.

Second after I finished my homework, Auntie Em and her husband Uncle Tim came over for dinner. They didn't know that Uncle Grant was here, and so we made a scavenger hunt for them with riddles that led them to Uncle Grant.

We then sat down to dinner and enjoyed a pot roast, apple sauce and cake that a friend made for us, salad, water, and cookies for dinner.  To finish off our night, we watched one of our home videos. It was so funny to see me, utterly toothless with my hair sticking straight up.  In contrast, Sadie was bald but with lots of teeth. After we saw baby videos of us, we moved on to baby videos of Abe, when Ella was a toddler and Sadie and I were in kindergarten. These videos were so funny because our personalities showed through even at young ages.

-Mia Susan

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