Thursday, September 22, 2011

Baby Sitting!

   I sometimes have to babysit Abe, my younger brother, and we often play with our two favorite stuffed animals, Kitty, (Katherine, [Kat] Elizabeth Meowie) and Scurvie, (Scurvy Bones Pirate Dog.)

We have had our misadventures when I babysit him. Like once, the toilet overflowed and flooded a ton, and like when we baked a cake that was a failure, along with many others.

But we didn't only have misadventures. Today for instance we had a ball!

We had Scurvie and Kitty sailing in the Sink Sea. (Scurvie got in a shipwreck)

We made them, go climbing in the lilac jungle.

We made them climb a mountain.

We made them play hide and go seek.

And of course, we let them sleep.

It is hard work, but I do enjoy babysitting!


  1. I love this! I like the hide-and-seek picture. It sounds like fun. See you at shook tomorrow!

  2. Sorry -- bad keyboard on iPad.

    I meant school. It corrects things misspelled automatic ly. I wish it wouldn't.

    See you at SCHOOL tomorrow!