Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Attack of the Barbarians: Part One

 Once there was a kingdom called Stapel. it was ruled by a king with the name of Lupus. King Lupus' land was full of brave knights; these knights all had one thing in common; they were practicly all mucle, and they all were very dull, in fact,All of Stapel was very dull. There was only one wise man in their lot, his name was Serlan. He was the great-great grandson of Merlan and the secend cousin of Gandolf,both of which are not mentioned in this this story. Serlan was in fact a wizard, and the best of wizards.Serlan helped King Lupus quite frequently and in many ways. today it was in the subject of war. The princess had just been taken and Lupus was just deciding what to do about it when he recieved a message from Serlan saying that he would be gone a few days on a fishing. Serlan didn't say why he was on a fishing trip in the middle of December, but as Serlan did say when he expected to return, Lupus was satisfied.(I did tell you they were dull) Lupus summoned all they "wiser" members of council, and so the meeting began.

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